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Strategic Social Media Marketing and Management Services for Businesses

Does your business have the votes of confidence it needs from social media platforms? Build your brand awareness across the internet and create meaningful connections with your customers and audience through social media marketing. Universal Creative Solutions offers social media marketing for small businesses, medium-sized businesses, enterprises, and even multiple-location companies. No matter if you own a startup, local business, or a Fortune 500 company, our social media marketing experts can help you with your campaign. Partner with us and let our social media marketing agency boost your brand visibility and integrity!

Here's what our full-service social media marketing and management services are:

What Our Social Media Management Strategy Includes

 A Dedicated Social Media Strategist. Your company's social media will be managed by a dedicated expert.

Crafting Content That Fits Your Branding & Voice. We customize content on your social platforms to deliver your message and interact with followers following your brand voice

Social Media Analytics and Performance Reporting. We will track which posts increased engagement and interactions so we'll be able to craft more posts like them.

 A Dedicated Social Media Strategist. Your company's social media will be managed by a dedicated expert.

Social Business Page Creation with Profile, Cover Image, and Messaging. If you don't have one, we'll create a page for you from scratch!

 A Dedicated Social Media Strategist. Your company's social media will be managed by a dedicated expert.

Targeted Social Media Campaign Management Across Platforms. We'll run social media campaigns that increase your audience base and keep them sticking around. 

Providing Services on Social Platforms Including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, YouTube, Medium, Pinterest, and many more!

Crafting dedicated posts for each and every platform

Here's what our full-service social media marketing and management services are:


If you're still curious about how process automation works, we've drafted an FAQ to help answer commonly asked questions. 

Is social media marketing essential to business?

Marketing on social media is imperative in today’s age. Not owning a social media account is like not having a phone number. Even if you’re a brick-and-mortar store, companies want to check your social media. It adds credibility and shows customers you’re a real business with real customers. But besides credibility, social media gets your business discovered. Think of the millions of users on social media. An organic social media strategy can help you grow your audience and reach while also engaging with your current customers. Paid social media marketing can ensure you reach new audiences and target specific groups of people who would be interested in your brand.

Do I need to provide content for advertising?

Yes and no. Yes, you do need to provide content to advertise on social media platforms. Whether you use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or any other platform, you’ll need an ad creative, ad copy, and link. How would you entice your audience without content, right? 

But, when working with a highly skilled social media management company like Universal Creative Solutions providing content isn’t necessary. That’s because we do thorough industry research and use our own network of graphic designers, copywriters, and other creative talents to produce content for you. With that said, it is beneficial to provide us with any important content that you feel best conveys the uniqueness of your brand. For example, many companies will provide us with brand guidelines, logos, and other content to help us represent your brand. We ensure that your content can clearly speak to your unique value proposition so that your company stands out among the sea of competition.

What does full-service social media marketing include?

Do you need a helping hand marketing your business through social media? Don’t worry; Universal Creative Solutions provides an end-to-end solution to handle all your social media marketing needs. Our social media marketing services include: 

  • Social media account setup

  • Content creation

  • Post setup and scheduling

  • Social media audit 

  • Brand reputation analysis

  • Competitor analysis 

  • Ad creation 

  • Ad targeting 

What results can I expect?

As a business owner, you’re probably wondering about return on investment and the results you can expect. At Universal Creative Solutions, we focus on making data-driven decisions so that you get the highest ROI possible. The specific results will depend on many factors, such as your current social media marketing strategy, budget, and quality of product or service. For example, a company that is already established in its industry will see better results initially than a new startup that hasn’t yet created its social media accounts. 

However, expect a net positive long-term ROI. It’s clear that social media is the present and the future. Doing paid ads is the fastest way to see new leads and sales. However, gaining long-term brand equity requires consistency. This means you’ll need to consistently deliver high-quality content that engages and educates your audience.

Organic Social Media Management Services

Our consultation services enable organizations to strategically innovate and develop creative approaches to address these digital transformations. Consultants aim to explore the value of digital evolution and how it affects and influences trade across various business processes and industries so that you can gain market share.

Post Setup and Scheduling

Your social media campaigns will begin with posting on your account. Those posts should keep users engaged in your brand and reach new audiences. Universal Creative Solutions can help you create custom posts that help engage your followers. We can create posts to educate your audiences, advertise sales, promote new products, etc. Also, we can help you schedule them. It’s important to keep posting regularly so that users won’t lose interest, so we’ll help you build a social media calendar to keep you consistent with posting.

Content Creation

To catch your audience's attention and hold their interest, it’s good to include multimedia like photos and videos in your posts. Universal Creative Solution can help with that as well. We’ll work with you to craft various materials for your social media posts. We can produce engaging videos, use professional-level photos, and design valuable infographics related to your business. All these materials will draw users in and help them learn more about your brand, enabling you to increase traffic to your website and gain more revenue.

Social Media Audit

If you already have been posting on social media frequently, it’s a good idea to obtain some feedback on how those campaigns are performing. Universal Creative Solutions can provide you with expert-level feedback through a digital audit. We’ll evaluate your past social media activity — your posts and comments, along with the engagement you’ve received from your audience, so you gain an idea of what's working and what's not. Then we’ll generate a report that details our findings. Our social media team will use what we've learned from the audit to determine how best to reoptimize your social media strategy. 

Brand Reputation Analysis

Many people mistakenly believe that “all press is good press,” however, the truth is, you want people to spread good things about your business on social media, not bad things. But what are they saying? To find the answer, Universal Creative Solutions will conduct a brand reputation analysis. Our analysis will scan social media and third-party review sites for mentions of your business. We’ll look at what the audience is saying to determine how people perceive your brand online. We then develop a plan to improve your brand reputation so that you establish credibility with your audience, which helps to improve brand loyalty. 

Competitor Analysis

Are your customer surveys returning with negative feedback or are you seeing an increase in negative reviews? While it may be to specific areas or departments, it could also be a misalignment with company strategy and consumer expectations. A strategy consultant can direct the strategy to better align the business practices with customer expectations or direct the adjustments to messaging which may be causing confusion.

Disruptive Technologies

Disruptive technologies are having positive and negative effects on a variety of industries. Whether you are creating the next disruptive tech or trying to navigate a new business landscape because of one, hiring a strategic consultant brings a new perspective for utilizing the moment or overcoming these obstacles.

Artificial Intelligence

As a final component of our organic social media services, we’ll conduct a full analysis of your main competitors on social media. Like many forms of marketing, social media marketing requires outperforming the rival competitors in your industry. But to know how to do that, you'll first need to understand what your competitors are doing. We’ll assess your primary competitors’ social media accounts to see what content they’re posting and how it's performing. Additionally, we'll look at their brand reputation on social media to see what their audience is saying about them. Our social media team will use this information to help us further optimize your campaigns to elevate your brand above your competitors to drive more leads.

Social Media Management

What Is Social Media Management?

Social media management encompasses the process of creating, publishing, and analyzing content you post on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, as well as engaging with users on those platforms. You can streamline social media management with free and paid tools, as well as professional social media management services.

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing often refers to the use of social platforms to market a brand's products and services. It provides businesses opportunities to engage with existing customers and reach new audiences while allowing them to promote their desired mission, tone and culture. Social media marketing also involves using purpose-built data analytics tools that allow marketers to track the success of their efforts.

Paid Social Media Advertising Services

Not everyone will discover you organically through social media. That’s why it's important to also run paid social media advertising campaigns — and Universal Creative Solution can help you create and manage those ad campaigns. Here are our paid social media services: 

Ad Creation

When you invest in our social media advertising services, we’ll help you create custom ads unique to your business. You need ads that catch the attention of your prospective buyers and compel them to click, so our team of social media experts will help you create highly click-worthy ads. We’ll work with you to develop visually appealing ads that appear right in users’ feeds and engage them. We don't slap generic elements together, either — we’ll make sure to craft ads that reflect your brand. We use your unique selling proposition to showcase why you're the right business to choose. 

ad creation
ad creation

Ad Targeting

Designing compelling ads isn't enough; you have to get those ads in front of the right groups of people. That's why ad targeting is vital to your ad campaigns' success. Most social media platforms let you target specific groups, and Universal Creative Solutions will help you hone in on that targeting. We don't just deliver your ads out to random people. Instead, we'll take time to target your ads to just the right users — those specifically in your target audience. We'll do that by harnessing social media targeting capabilities, where we can target people based on demographics like age and location, along with more granular targeting. For example, let's say you have a customer email list; you can create "lookalike" audiences to target people that have similar interests, demographics, and characteristics to your existing customers. Ultimately, your ads will take users to your website and encourage them to convert, driving up your revenue significantly.

Reasons to Use Paid Social Media Advertising

One study by Buffer found that 58.8% of marketers believed social media marketing is a “very important” part of their digital marketing strategy. And with a growing number of social media users, it is only smart for any business to look into the benefits that paid advertising can offer. Here are the ways that paid social media ads can improve your business: 

Flexible Solutions 

Gain a better understanding of your prospective customer's needs. From behavioral data to demographic information, many platforms can collect high-value data about their audience. Testing campaigns that target segmented audiences can provide clear insight into how different audiences engage with your advertising campaigns. By using that data, brands gain more knowledgeable input about their ideal customer and how to best influence them. The audiences that engage the most with your ad campaigns are typically the ones that are most receptive to your message and have the greatest likelihood of buying. 

What-Hat SEO Processes 

Social media platforms let you advanced targeting features to filter ads to specific groups of people. With Facebook ads, you can segment your ad campaigns based on:

  • Demographics

  • Behavior

  • Connections

  • Interests

You can break down each of these categories into smaller segments giving you the ability to isolate relevant data about your customers and use a tailored marketing strategy. For example, if you're targeting potential solar panel buyers, you're not limited to only targeting solar energy users in your area. You can use paid ad campaigns to market to people that show interest in all alternative energy sources or solar energy followers in other neighboring areas. You can also use data collected about the pages they follow, the apps people use, their connections, political affiliations, and others. 

Customized Strategy 

Social media ads can show your campaign to a wider audience. Organic social media limits your reach based on the number of followers you have or whether or not you appear on the platform's trending feed or hashtags. Unfortunately, it can take time to grow a following on social media. Paid social ads can help you reach the right audience immediately, so you don't have to spend years on growing a strong following. 

With markets becoming more competitive, consumers want to be educated before they buy. Therefore, brands opt for promoting articles, infographics, videos, and even training material to demonstrate their advantage over competitors. With social media ads, that content can reach more users, and as a result of this, your brand gains more followers. That leads to more shares and increased exposure beyond your geographic area and existing followers. 

  • For B2B brands, having visible content on several platforms can help you establish credibility in your niche. 

  • For B2C brands, content is an excellent way to gain more subscribers and extend your brand awareness among consumers.

Top Social Media Marketing Platforms

While there are many social platforms out there that offer paid advertising options, it’s important to select the platform that will help you to reach a relevant audience. It's best to consider the big players in the game, such as: 

Our strategists can help your company choose the best platforms based on your industry, prospective customers, and goals. Here are the primary social media platforms and their advantages below:

Facebook advertising

Facebook is currently the biggest social media advertising platform among the networks. There are roughly 1.47 billion daily active users on Facebook, and Facebook is recognized as the leader in advertising trends. Facebook advertising works for nearly every business and is a great place to start.

They allow companies to reach audiences based on various campaign objectives. Some of the options include campaigns to drive awareness, traffic, engagement, conversions, store visits, etc.

Facebook currently lets users post ads using photos, video, slideshow, and carousel. 

  1. A carousel is a feature that enables users to display up to 10 images or videos and links within a single advertisement. With the carousel, advertisers can direct people to multiple places on their website with one creative.

  2. Instant Experiences is a unique tool that advertisers can use to create immersive advertisements using a photo, videos, text, product feeds, and carousels all in one streamlined page. This page lives on the Facebook app, making it a seamless experience for users. 

  3. Slideshow is a feature that lets users create video advertisements from still images.

In addition to many ad formats, Facebook offers a granular targeting system where advertisers can target specific demographics, behaviors, and interests. Facebook can also target groups of people based on where people shop, pages people like, and more

Instagram advertising

Instagram introduced advertising back in 2015, and it has grown ever since. Visuals are perhaps the most important element of an Instagram advertising campaign creative. It doesn’t matter if you're selling the best product in the world; if you have poor visuals, your Instagram campaign will most certainly suffer.

Instagram ads feature the same format as Facebook: photo, carousel, video, slideshow, and Instant Experiences. Instagram also lets users structure a campaign based on their campaign objectives, such as website clicks, conversions, engagements, awareness app installs, and video views. Instagram advertisers can target their ads like Facebook ads, and they even have their own unique Instagram analytics platform.

Facebook currently lets users post ads using photos, video, slideshow, and carousel. 

  1. A carousel is a feature that enables users to display up to 10 images or videos and links within a single advertisement. With the carousel, advertisers can direct people to multiple places on their website with one creative.

  2. Instant Experiences is a unique tool that advertisers can use to create immersive advertisements using a photo, videos, text, product feeds, and carousels all in one streamlined page. This page lives on the Facebook app, making it a seamless experience for users. 

  3. Slideshow is a feature that lets users create video advertisements from still images.

In addition to many ad formats, Facebook offers a granular targeting system where advertisers can target specific demographics, behaviors, and interests. Facebook can also target groups of people based on where people shop, pages people like, and more

Twitter advertising

There are about 330 million monthly active Twitter users scrolling and tweeting through their feeds. Twitter features several forms of paid advertisements to reach audiences. Advertisers can select the campaign objective they want to achieve for their business, whether that be increased traffic, awareness, video views, engagement, followers, app installs, or app re-engagements. Like Facebook, Twitter also offers to target paid advertisements based on location, gender, device, language, and platform. However, Twitter has two unique differences from most other social media platforms. Twitter includes targeting by keywords to reach audiences based on their Pinterest searches. It includes options to target people who are similar to users who follow specific accounts. For instance, if you're looking to target people who are similar to people who follow your competitors, you can include your competitors’ Twitter accounts in the target audience.

Pinterest advertising

Pinterest has over 200 million monthly active Pinterest and lets advertisers build campaigns based on an objective. Pinterest advertising objectives include awareness, traffic, engagement, and app downloads. Also, Pinterest offers a few ways to shape audience targetings, such as interests and keywords. When targeting users by interests, Pins will show in users’ categories, and home feeds based on the topic of the category and the user’s past interests. When targeting by keywords, advertisers can select words and phrases that would be similar to what a user is searching for. This targeting places Pins in the user’s search results. It's best practice to include both interests and keywords in a campaign to reach people in both places. Pinterest also provides email list targeting or custom engagement and some demographic information. 

Linkedin Advertising

LinkedIn features three distinct ad products depending on their campaign goals

  • Sponsored InMail

  • Text Ads

  • Sponsored Content

Sponsored content places content inside the LinkedIn feed. Sponsored InMail sends content to LinkedIn users via messages to their inboxes. Text ads are delivered on the LinkedIn feed for desktop users. LinkedIn’s targeting shines when it comes to company and job-title-specific targeting. Industry, seniority, position, and company size are just a few ways LinkedIn allows companies to hone in on a particular target audience in addition to location demographics and age. For example, take a heating and cooling company. Their HVAC company’s advertising strategy might be to use LinkedIn to recruit top talent in their local area. An ad campaign could help them market themselves to potential corporate accounts.

Youtube advertising

With well over 1.3 billion users, YouTube is more than a platform to watch videos. It's the second most used search engine behind Google, meaning keyword targeting is an important aspect of the social platform. We recommend YouTube advertising for companies use short video ads ranging from 6 to 15 seconds to be used for their in-stream ads. These video ads appear before a user watches their intended video.

Brands can also use longer video advertisements that would appear in search results called discover ads. If a business has either of these assets to use in YouTube ads, it can target the ads to people based on demographics, interests, and keywords.

How much do I need to spend to advertise on social media platforms?

Paid social media advertisements are one of the least expensive forms of advertising available in the traditional and digital markets. The pay-to-play model for these channels ensures flexibility to target only the people your company wants to attract; therefore, you only pay to target audiences that best suit your customer profile. 

Unlike radio or TV ads that are priced based on the time the ads and the length of the spots on-air, social media advertising is priced based on the potential number of impressions and the length of the campaign. This gives these types of ads a more favorable KPI to track, like cost per acquisition, as opposed to traditional advertising that can only vaguely track your ROI. 

Paid social media ads can start on a low budget because of the bidding model platforms use to bring ads onto the news feeds. Spending is virtually unlimited, but you can set a limit that will stop the campaign from spending more money than you've allotted. We work with you on setting a budget you're comfortable with while still maximizing your results. 

Let Universal Creative Solutions Help Grow Your Social Media 

With a high client retention rate, Universal Creative Solutions is a trusted choice for companies looking for social media marketing services. From our competitive campaigns to our top talented professionals, we provide an unparalleled client experience and unmatched results. Do more with your brand's social media presence now by scheduling a consultation call today.