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    Turn your website into a revenue driver with data-powered, expert-led marketing services from Universal Creative Solutions. From SEO to PPC, you get it all.

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Fully Managed Marketing Services

Think of us like a partner whose objective is to help you market smarter. You are a fast-thinking, nimble-footed CEO of a small or medium-sized business hobbled by bottlenecks in your business. Whether your company suffers from limited resources or a lack of expertise, investing in fully managed marketing services can bail you out of your current dilemma. With the help of Universal Creative Solutions, a ready-made team of marketing veterans with blue-chip experience can provide expertise on call.

What Are Managed Marketing Services?

Managed marketing services expand your organization's throughput while providing business continuity and managing risk. Outsourcing is becoming increasingly popular as CEOs are discovering the benefits that it provides. In fact, 40% of marketing leaders plan to use agencies that they believe in providing superior performance. Our team is filled with marketing experts ready to grow and scale your business. 

At Universal Creative Solutions, we are flexible in our approach. We can provide a single marketing consultant with the skills needed, a project team to manage ongoing projects, or deliver a fully outsourced marketing department like digital marketing, ad campaigns, and other services. We work with the client to build a plan that meets their needs for their organization, hire the right team, and manage the people, workflow, schedule, budget, and delivery. The client has access to the outsourced CMO and the performance of the team, all without having to worry about managing the work, the team, the hiring, or the training process.


If you're still curious about how process automation works, we've drafted an FAQ to help answer commonly asked questions. 

Why Does My Business Need Managed Marketing?

Major financial decisions are important forks in the road for your company. While strategic consultant teams may include financial advisors and business tax advisors, you may already have these types of adåvisors on call. In that case, a strategic consultant can focus the support in theorizing and planning out the opportunities or drawbacks that the financial decisions create and the organization-wide changes that may be required.

When Should I Outsource Marketing?

Outsourcing marking is generally a good fit it: 

  • Nobody in your early-stage startup is handling marketing. 

  • You're running marketing campaigns but not satisfied with the results and aren't sure which efforts are effective. 

  • You want to scale your company but need structure and work processes to help increase output and results.

  • You already have a marketing department and would like to have an unbiased opinion from an expert on the marketing strategies and decisions you make 

Why Hire an Outsourced Marketing Team?

Many organizations hire ad agencies to help them design a logo or manage their ad campaigns. How is choosing to outsource the marketing team any different?

The most significant difference is scope. An ad agency typically focuses on a single campaign. Outside of that campaign, you're on your own to market your brand. Working with an outsourced marketing team means that you receive expert service from the top to the bottom of the sales funnel. Also, an outsourced team is responsible for holistic growth, which includes brand awareness, revenue, and even entering new markets. 

If you need to grow fast, outsourcing your marketing efforts is the most logical option. Keep your marketing operations cost-effective and nimble by going with an outsourced marketing team. Whether you're looking to outsource part of your marketing or the full funnel, the right partner can make a big difference. 

What Is a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)?

A CMO is a senior marketing executive joining your marketing department to increase your business efficiency and prevent costly mistakes. They can work with you to launch your new startup or improve your business's marketing performance..

They provide you with a market-based perspective needed to develop a comprehensive market strategy and carry out its implementation. They advise the CEO and other executive members to increase awareness, build loyalty, drive engagement, increase revenues and expand markets. For them to achieve this, they need to have an in-depth understanding of several marketing aspects, including:

  • Search engine optimization

  • Social media marketing

  • Lead generation

  • Content marketing

  • Branding

  • Paid advertising such as Google and Facebook Ads

It's expected that the outsourced CMO is well-versed with all the aspects of marketing, but this doesn't need to be a detailed understanding of the technical matters. They still get to accomplish their set marketing objectives as they work alongside a team of marketing directors and technicians. 

What is a Fractional CMO?

A fractional CMO is a marketing executive within an organization that takes charge of heading the marketing department, which includes marketing strategy, sales development, growth opportunities. A Fractional CMO will work part-time and get paid to complete milestones instead of charging high hourly rates. Businesses typically use fractional CMO services because they don't need a full-time CMO but still want someone with expertise in managing marketing strategy and leadership. 

Fractional CMOs provide flexibility allowing businesses to work with them for a set period to help them accomplish their goals. Financially, it makes more sense to hire a fractional CMO as opposed to a full-time CMO. A full-time CMO requires an expensive salary of multiple six-figures annually plus employee benefits. 

Fractional CMO Responsibilities:

  • Developing the short-term and long-term marketing strategy

  • Solving marketing issues that will arise and need to be resolved immediately

  • Committing to which marketing channels are best suited for your business, like SEO, content marketing, paid advertising, social media marketing, etc. 

  • Leading the marketing team and inspiring employees

  • Hiring new marketing employees and building onboarding systems for success 

The Fractional CMO is the c-suite level marketing strategist who helps organizations achieve their marketing goals. In addition, your Fractional CMO should have a wealth of managerial and marketing experience. Therefore, they are the natural leader of the marketing team. Our Universal Creative Solutions, we act as the Fractional CMO. Thus, we will work closely with both your organization's leadership team and the marketing talent executing the marketing tactics. Whether we work with your existing talent or you decide to use our staff, we're flexible in our approach

Benefits of Outsourcing Your CMO

Hands-on expertise with start-ups

Our Outsourced CMOs specialize in all things digital marketing. We have worked in many industries, and it's almost a routine for us to learn about new markets. This makes us adept at bringing our years of experience along with the current market trends to help your business reach new heights. 

Cash flow flexibility 

Since an outsourced CMO is much cheaper than a full-time CMO, you have more cash flow to invest in other areas of your business. Additionally, since we work on a contractual basis, you don't need to have them year-round. Not to mention we work with your budget to help you spend your marketing dollars wisely. 

Team included 

Some of the tasks will demand in-depth knowledge of a subject matter expert. We already have a roster of talented freelancers. Thus, no people management issues or delays for recruitment on your end. Your Outsourced CMO comes with a team. You may think of it as hiring a 

Marketing Department.

Focused on driving growth 

Rather than hiring a bunch of freelancers or employees to do random marketing tasks, an outsourced CMO focuses its efforts on driving growth. They create marketing initiatives that are based on your vision of the company along with the current market conditions. Once the initiatives are set, they can align all marketing activities with the initiatives, which helps to minimize wasted efforts.

Outsourced CMO Objectives

Strategic planning makes up an indispensable part of business operations. It is essentially a roadmap towards the company's goals and objectives and is always subject to change as it relies on a variety of factors to ensure favorable results. A company’s vision must be evergreen and evolving. A strategic plan needs to be constantly reassessed in order for it to work against inevitable disruptions to growth and development. While business leaders in the industry make these challenges manageable, experienced strategic consultants, hold a high-level of expertise in developing structured and strategic plans that not only set a clear direction for the company’s future, but also create a field of opportunities with the least risks. We make sure goals are specific, strategy supports inherent data and company's proven capabilities, and goals are aligned with that of the company's.

 Coordination and management of the marketing team, bringing together digital marketers, media planners, product managers. 

The development of marketing analysis to refine messaging and positioning

Provide strategic direction to increase marketing-qualified leads

 Identifying new lead generation opportunities and inbound marketing

Constructing the brand image, storytelling, and price (in coordination with the sales and communication department)

Advice on appropriate marketing technologies and software

Outsourced CMO Objectives

At Universal Creative Solutions, outsourced CMO services include a three-step process.

Stage 1

Gain clarity on your vision

Have a grand vision for growth? Our outsourced CMO will explore how you'll get from point A to point B and what steps are required to grow your business. There are no cookie-cutter plans. Every business is unique, and a customized strategy only works with a detailed understanding of where you want to take your business. 

Stage 2

Develop a Strategic Plan 

An effective marketing strategy can be designed and executed efficiently with market-based insights. Our outsourced CMO will collaborate with you and your leadership team to determine areas of opportunity and how to develop a plan to capitalize on market potential. An outsourced CMO brings the best ideas to deliver results within or outside your industry. This executive-as-a-service model lets you cost-effectively engage the best marketing minds. Time is money, and our outsourced CMO gets your strategy underway quickly.

Stage 3

Execute, Analyze, and Optimize 

A marketing strategy is only as good as the results it gets. Thus being able to use the right tools to execute tactics, measure results, and analyze outcomes is crucial to an effective marketing plan. An outsourced CMO knows the tools, metrics, and resources needed to help your company get the best ROI for its marketing investments.

How A Fractional CMO Can Help Your Business

Grow faster with the help of a fractional CMO. Let us help you create, manage and deploy your marketing strategy so that you can reach your business goals faster. 

Self-managing executive

A fractional CMO can lighten your workload by managing your marketing department. From employees to vendors, a fractional CMO acts as an executive. 

Cost you can afford

You don't need a top-heavy organization with a lot of executives to add a CMO to your staff. A fractional CMO provides you with insights and reports you need without the hefty price tag. 

Expertise you need

Don't rely on inexperienced marketers to dictate your company's overall marketing strategy. Hire a fractional CMO is provide your business with a comprehensive marketing plan. 

It's not enough to hire a Fractional CMO or even an in-house CMO. Marketing projects and strategies often require personnel like SEO content writers, copywriters, social media professionals, content creators, PPC specialists, graphic designers. However, most founders don't understand how to hire freelancers for each project or what contract terms to use. Nor do they know how to judge the quality of work or how to implement them into a cohesive strategy.

At Universal Creative Solutions, we provide the service of a fractional CMO combined with our own team of marketing experts. We manage your digital marketing campaigns by filling the gaps in your team. You'll gain access to an experienced team of marketers with the skills and expertise needed to run your inbound or outbound campaigns without hiring more staff.

Although you could hire a marketing agency, a fractional CMO will be able to provide a customized strategy and solution based on your specific industry and goals. Marketing agencies and freelancers often perform a singular task or channel without thinking about the big picture. We connect the dots between the execution and strategy, so you receive an end-product that you're satisfied with. Most marketing agencies are not ingrained within your business. You're simply a client on a long list of projects with an account manager that relays your information to the creative team. 

A Fractional CMO Agency like Universal Creative Solutions is a new type of hybrid agency that combines the best qualities of both growth-marketing agencies and fractional Chief Marketing Officers.

Unlike a traditional digital agency, you don't have an account rep. As a client, you're strategizing directly with your fractional CMO. 

Since the fractional CMO understands your industry, they can act as an advisor by giving you input on the best course of action. Everything is performed under the guidance of a fractional CMO and the strategy they've developed. Unlike outsourcing many freelancers, the marketers are led by a Fractional CMO, so you won't have to manage them yourself. Your sole point of contact is usually the Fractional CMO, which streamlines all of your communication.

With their help, your business is now capable of leading holistic marketing initiatives effectively, and your brand will generate leads much faster. The team suddenly goes from a one-man-band trying to manage all the aspects of their business to having:

  • A highly qualified CMO

  • A Marketing Manager

  • A Project Manager

  • Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn Ads Specialists

  • A Content and Email Marketing Copywriter

  • A Social Media Manager

  • A Graphic Designer

  • A Funnel Designer

  • A Funnel Builder

  • An Automation Specialist

  • A Data Scientist and

  • A Research Assistant

How An Outsourced CMO Will Work With or Improve Your Marketing Team

An Outsourced CMO isn't meant to replace your marketing team. Oftentimes, many organizations have a capable marketing team but lack real strategic leadership in their company. By providing strategic leadership, the marketing team can be more productive and implement strategies that align with the missions and values of the organization.

How An Outsourced CMO Can Increase Your Cash Flow and Marketing ROI

When you outsource marketing strategy, you get what you pay for. The increased profitability compared to other employees in the payroll is night and day. After all, when you hire an employee, there are many expenses that your company is required to pay. But when you hire outsourced CMO services, you know that the expenses are going towards an entity that is effective and experienced and can better help you achieve your marketing goals.

Leveraging a fractional CMO over an in-house CMO saves your employees time in which they can do their own jobs, furthering the cost-effectiveness of managed marketing services.

When outsourcing marketing services, you are paying for results, which is the only criteria. Having in-house employees means you're paying people for the time that they spend working at your office. This not only costs you in salaries but indirect expenses such as equipment and office space.

Also, you're not wasting time and resources managing projects that you're not an expert in. Instead, you hire the marketing service expert, whose only goal is to produce results, and you take care of what you do best.


Outsourced Marketing Department

Working with us gives you all of the perks and none of the headaches. Instead of hiring an in-house marketing department, which costs time, money, and resources, an outsourced marketing department offers the complete package at a fraction of the cost. Our team of skilled experts works remotely to deliver a full spectrum of marketing services. Because we work entirely virtually, you don't have to pay for fancy office space, employee benefits, Keurig cups, or ergonomic chairs.

How It Works 

An initial meeting will be held to learn about your specific business needs; we will handpick your marketing department. Our gang is here to support your business in every way we can. This means pulling from our multidisciplinary skillset and working together to drive results for your business. 

Outsourced Marketing Activities

Before performing any marketing activities, we develop the right strategy for your business. We ensure that every activity is done with a purpose and aligns with the overarching marketing initiative. 

When working with Universal Creative Solutions, you have one assigned Fractional CMO to communicate and strategize with. 

The specialties we focus on at USC are:

Marketing Strategy

Your fractional CMO will work with your executive team to set short-term and long-term goals, so you're always aware of the scoreboard. These goals become part of the long-term strategy we prepare for your organization with your mission statement, the market, and analytical research.

Paid Advertising

Our Facebook and Google specialists are certified in their area of specialty and have managed ads for a variety of industries. Hence, you know that your ad budget will be spent strategically, and your cost per lead will help create a profitable campaign.

Content Writing 

Creating valuable content that is SEO optimized helps to attract high-quality traffic visitors to your website. Our team of skilled writers will deliver consistent content to rank on search engines and help generate new leads into your business. 

Sales Copy

(Landing Page, Email, Web Page, etc.)

Strong copywriting and compelling storytelling is the heart of all high-converting direct response marketing. It's the foundation that empowers your brand to connect with prospects across social media, landing pages, blogs, email marketing, etc.

Email Marketing and Marketing Automation

Email marketing and automation are the most powerful ways to nurture prospects through your sales funnel. A strong automation strategy includes strategic nurturing content that will produce qualified sales leads.

Lead Generation

Our marketing team aims to increase the number of qualified leads, reduce the cost per lead and warm up prospects to help your sales team close more clients. We use dashboards to track KPIs that dictate success and update you on their performance so you can feel connected to the marketing activity and performance in your business.

Conversion Rate Optimization 

Conversion rate optimization ensures that all web pages, ads, and social channels are optimized for your specific audience. We implement best practices for split testing when needed and are constantly improving conversion rates to feed the sales team more leads.

Benefits of Working With an Outsourced Marketing Department

Today it's not enough to work with just any digital marketing agency; you want to ensure that you partner with a company that listens to your business goals and drives desired results so that your business sees a significant return on investment. Not all marketing agencies get this right. 

Universal Creative Solution specializes in developing tailored and tactical solutions to help businesses grow their brand presence and revenue in the digital landscape. We have a proactive team of digital marketing experts with an exceptional record in helping companies grow their online presence through conversion-driven marketing campaigns. 

Here are some reasons why our outsourced marketing department is different: 

Expert Digital Marketing Team 

When you partner with Universal Creative Solutions, you work with a talented bunch of individuals. Each with our own strengths and specializations, we push the boundaries of digital marketing to grow your business. We attribute all our successful campaigns to our brilliant digital marketing experts who work hard every day to provide high-quality projects.

Tailored Solutions 

We don't rely on strategies without significant data. Our digital marketing experts and fractional CMO will unpack your goals and visions for your business. We create tailored and tactical digital marketing solutions that deliver the best possible results for your business.


Isn't it frustrating not to know the status of your own projects? Universal Creative Solutions offers a streamlined communication process. You work with our fractional CMO to receive reports and analytics to view your results. We will keep you up to date with the progress and potential changes we see in the market. 


We ensure you understand the results and progress of your campaigns by being completely transparent with our reporting. Apart from analytical reports, we cover results and performance metrics in our meetings. Our fractional CMO communicates any progress concerning your campaigns.

We Value Your Time 

As your marketing partner, we know how invaluable time is in every business. This is why we provide an accurate timeline to help our clients align their goals to each milestone. At Universal Creative Solutions, we strive to deliver on all our promises.

Choose Universal Creative Solutions for Your Managed Marketing Services 

Ready to speak with an outsourced CMO for your managed marketing services? Conract us to gain clarity on your business. We discuss everything from your vision and goals to your current issues. From there, we can provide recommendations about your marketing strategy and see how we can help. Book a call with us today!