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Here at Universal Creative Solutions, we hold ourselves to a high standard. We believe in humankind's ability to achieve its full potential, and we are proud to be able to help them on their journey to self-actualization. We provide marketing consulting for companies across the globe. Our marketing consultants create and implement effective marketing strategies and see them through to their success. We offer customized marketing plans for organizations of all sizes. We believe that our cutting-edge marketing strategies and data-driven marketing consultation can help any business succeed. Our mission is to join you where you're at in your journey and help you reach your destination.

What is a Marketing Consultant?

Marketing consultants are able to bring value to or create a strategic marketing plan to help you start, grow, or pivot your business in accordance with your goals and market trends. If you want to expand your company's reach and generate leads and sales, outsourcing your marketing efforts may be the best route for your organization. Marketing consultants can lead or expand your team to ensure you have the capabilities, data, and tools to achieve your return on investment and revenue goals. ‍A marketing consultant works as a skilled outside advisor for companies. A valuable marketing consultant will identify the best marketing mix for the company, along with a marketing plan and a marketing message. After successfully implementing a marketing strategy, marketing consultants will track the company's progress. By monitoring the results of their work, consultants can modify and optimize the marketing strategy until the data shows the company's marketing efforts are getting the best results.‍A marketing consultant can be of use to both small companies without a marketing expert and large ones that already have a marketing department. A fresh set of eyes can be just what your company needs. Marketing consultants work closely with a company and its marketing team with the aim of developing brand awareness or product promotion.

When Do You Need Marketing Consulting Services?

Some firms can manage their marketing needs on their own. But those companies usually

have large, dedicated marketing departments with employees who specialize in just about every conceivable concentration. Few organizations actually have the expertise, time, and expertise needed to keep up with marketing trends and optimize their strategies properly. Many large corporations struggle with the break-neck speed of digital marketing and will need help from a consulting firm. Companies that stand to benefit from marketing consulting services

typically meet any of the following criteria:

Lack of a comprehensive marketing plan that covers every channel and touchpoint.

Maintain an underperforming brand presence across their marketing channels. 

Struggle to convert website visitors into qualified sales prospects.

Fail to see adequate ROI on their inbound marketing initiatives.

Have an incomplete marketing strategy that doesn't synchronize every relevant touchpoint and channel.

Lag behind their competition on key search rankings.

Lack of insight into their marketing campaign performance.

Unable to leverage metrics and data to improve marketing efforts

Silo off marketing efforts across different stakeholders, with little to no coordination

artificial inteligence

Why Hire a Consulting Firm for Marketing?

Business owners are often skeptical about hiring a marketing consultant. They wonder if they can trust a stranger to have their organization's best interests at heart. But if you want a precise and effective marketing strategy, hiring a marketing consultant is the single best thing you can do for your company. Here are a few reasons you should look into getting professional marketing help by hiring a marketing consulting firm:

‍‍Marketing consultants are experts in their field.

With today’s technology enabling teams and individuals to do more than ever it’s important to implement these tools where and when they can provide the most value. Choosing the right tools and building their use into your workflows is an important operations process. However, when you are considering company-wide changes to these tools it may be time to discuss the overall strategy and goals for the program before proceeding.

Hiring a marketing consultant can be more cost-effective than hiring a new employee.

Some businesses don't need employees working on their marketing full-time. It's much more cost-effective to hire a marketing consulting firm on an as-needed basis. It's essential for businesses with tight budgets not to waste resources on hiring unnecessary employees when those resources can be better spent elsewhere.

Practice makes perfect.

Every marketing consultant that's been in the field for a while has learned from their mistakes. This is one of the best benefits when hiring someone with years of experience in a specific field. You'll avoid the expenses of the trial and error period. The consultant's already been there and tackled the best ways to improve a variety of businesses.

Gaining a new perspective on your business.

We often can't see the forest for the trees when we're looking at our own business. Hiring a marketing consultant can help you gain new insights into what makes your company unique. Marketing consultants can use their experience to point you to the gaps in marketing your company can fill and how to fill them.

Marketing consultants have the needed experience.

They know which marketing strategies work well. While you may be able to develop a marketing plan that will improve your sales, a marketing consultant will likely be five steps ahead of you. If you utilize your marketing consultant's expertise, you will see much quicker results and a return on investment.

5 Ways a Marketing Consultant Can Help Your Business Thrive

‍‍A marketing consultant will help you generate more leads.

A lead is an individual or an organization interested in your product. Someone who shows an interest in your product is more likely to leave an email or a phone number for future contact. A well-thought-out marketing strategy is going to generate a lot of leads. Skilled marketing consultants know the most effective way to generate leads. We can identify why you're not getting enough leads and find a proper way to fix the problem.

‍‍A marketing consultant can help your company convert leads to sales.

Leads are only useful if they lead to sales. Some of the reasons leads may not convert well are low-quality leads or a poor conversion process. A marketing consultant can look at the conversion process with a critical eye and see where the problem comes from. It's often useful to have someone who's not an employee of your business take a look at conversion rates. A more distant and unbiased look may be just what your company needs to establish corrected processes.

A marketing consultant can help you differentiate your company from competitors.

Many organizations struggle to differentiate themselves from the competition properly, especially when the customer is not the main focus. This often ends in competing for the lowest price, which is not a way to grow your business. A consultant is there to help you define what makes your business unique and different and how your business benefits the customers over the competing businesses.

‍‍You can focus on other aspects of your business.

No one can do it all. As a business owner, you often have too much on your plate, which can result in putting marketing on the back burner. If you have a marketing consultant you can trust to do the best for your company, you can devote your time to other projects and still reap the benefits of marketing effectively.

‍‍A marketing consultant will build you the most effective marketing strategy.

Your company needs a solid, effective marketing strategy. Strategy always comes before the process. Without an adequate marketing strategy, tactics and implementation are a waste of resources. A skilled marketing consultant will spend as much time as needed to build the right strategy for you. We can implement the correct strategy before new marketing goes live or integrate new strategies while active plans have been launched.

How We Approach Marketing Consulting

Business owners are often skeptical about hiring a marketing consultant. They wonder if they can trust a stranger to have their organization's best interests at heart. But if you want a precise and effective marketing strategy, hiring a marketing consultant is the single best thing you can do for your company. Here are a few reasons you should look into getting professional marketing help by hiring a marketing consulting firm:

Who are you?

Before we try to put in place any marketing strategy, we need to learn about your company and products. What does your company stand for? What do you provide for your customers? What makes you different from your competitors? Ultimately understanding why you do what you do allows us to market your products and services more effectively. We learn what makes you unique and craft a marketing plan that clearly communicates those values to the customer.

Who are your cutomers?

After learning about your core values, it's time to switch our attention to the most important part of your business - your customers. Who are they? What do they expect from your product or service? How do they view your company? We will conduct thorough research on your target market and learn as much as we can about your customers to inform every step of the strategy.

What are your goals?

Before implementing a marketing strategy, you should set clear, quantifiable goals for your company. These goals are used to measure the success of your marketing efforts later on. We work with you to create attainable yet ambitious goals. We make sure they are specific enough and that they can be measured. We take a detailed look at the success rate of your current marketing strategy and see what needs improvement. 

Do you want more leads? A bigger return on investments? Better brand recognition? Or simply more revenue? If we clearly understand your organization's goals, we can ensure the success of marketing in the long run.

Stage 1


We make a detailed plan of action with the knowledge we have accumulated. We work with you and your employees because we know how important it is for everyone to understand the shared goals and pathway to success. We create the optimal marketing strategy for your company.

Stage 2


Next, we put the marketing strategy into action. We waste as little time in planning as possible to ensure your money has the best chance for return on investment.

Stage 3


We track the effectiveness of the new marketing strategy. We look at data and compare it to our goals. Marketing is always evolving, so we will keep tracking what is working and not working to optimize for the best results.

Stage 4


Whether we achieved the goals or are still on the way, it's important to reassess. Our marketing consultants are always ready to improve their marketing strategies and change them as necessary. We're not satisfied with the results until we exceed the goal and will keep working until it has been achieved.

Our Marketing Consulting Success Stories

Here at Universal Creative Solutions, we pride ourselves on our ability to aid companies in reaching their full potential. We believe everyone can grow and improve. We approach problems with our three core values in mind - altruism, imagination, and dynamism. We do not doubt that these values, when combined with our marketing consultants' skills and professionalism, will deliver us the desired results. ‍ In a relatively short time, we increase client ROI from 7:1 to over 20:1. We accomplished this without any additional labor costs or employees. Along with ROI increase, this company has seen a more than 100% growth in revenue. These trends continued even through a pandemic as our continued strategy adjustments allowed them to maximize market share without additional spending when competitors were pulling back.

Brand Identity Development

Your brand identity is what separates you from other companies. Your brand is much more than a logo, a product, or a website. It's what your customers think of when they think of your business. It's the emotion your customers feel when they think of your organization and what separates you from the competition. Our marketing consultants know the importance of powerful branding.

We offer brand strategy consulting to companies interested in separating themselves from mediocre brands and becoming powerhouses. We do so by helping you find your purpose and clearly communicate it to the world. Your purpose is not what you're selling; it's what you're offering to the world to improve it for your clients. And it's what is going to make you a recognizable entity in the eyes of the consumer. We help you stay consistent on your branding strategy path. When customers see consistency, they know what to expect from you and build trust from the start.

We help you integrate strong emotions into your branding. Your brand becomes memorable once your consumers can tie it to the emotions they feel. We are here to help you with any brand identity development needs.

Additional Marketing Consulting and Coaching Services We Offer

Product marketing is the process of bringing a product to the market, promoting it, and overseeing its success. Selling a product is usually not as straightforward as putting it on the market and waiting for sales to flood in. Our marketing consultants know this and have years of experience in successful product/service launches. We know how to market a product correctly and have had great success in product marketing. We first focus on understanding the customers thoroughly. Since the customers are the ones who drive product demand and use the product, we work to understand likely outcomes based on customer/market trends. We follow a tried and tested process for all product marketing campaigns:

Creative brand consulting

We offer creative consulting for companies who like to think outside of the box.

Marketing for purpose-driven companies

We teach you how to showcase your company's purpose in a way that speaks to your customers.

Customer strategy and marketing consulting.

We offer you insights into the customer journey from research to purchase and what that may mean for your new product, along with the expected marketing channels required.

Marketing team hiring strategy consulting

We offer advice on what to look for in a great marketing team if you are looking for new members or build out a full team.

Internet marketing consulting and training services.

We teach you the ins and outs of internet marketing and train you to do it effectively.

Strategic marketing services

We offer strategic marketing plans. Our strategic marketing consultants make a data-driven plan that will surely lead to success. ‍

Marketing and selling consultancy services

We offer insight into how to market your product or service efficiently and effectively.

Data and analytics consulting

We look at recent data and analyze how it will affect sales in the future.

Work with Universal Creative Solutions

Digital marketing best practices are evolving, and can't-miss strategies can often lose their impact. The most successful brands and companies know that digital marketing requires continual effort. If your business isn't keeping up with the latest digital marketing best practices, your competitors will pass you by. Whether your brand needs to build an entire marketing strategy from scratch or refine your existing approach, Universal Creative Solution's marketing consulting services can help update your marketing efforts for the best results possible.