How Marketing Automation Helps Scale Businesses

2021.05.17 07:11 PM By Joshua Taddeo, Principal Consultant
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Marketing automation enables businesses worldwide to connect, employ effective marketing strategies, build better relationships with their customers and stay competitive. Given the recent global pandemic changes, some companies even found this to be the only solution to reconnect and retain their customers. We’ve had to immerse further into the digital world since online tools, such as marketing automation, are now vital in this era. If we look at the facts and figures, over 51% of businesses worldwide use marketing automation. If you are wondering how marketing automation could provide viable business solutions and increase your productivity, keep on reading this article. We’ll introduce some of the ways in which you can use marketing automation and share some of the best tips and tricks for online marketing that can save you time as well as money. Let’s start with the benefits of macro-level marketing automation for your business as a whole. At this point, we are talking about marketing automation from a big picture before looking at what your marketing automation platform can do for you. Think about why you are investing in marketing automation and what your results should look like in order to roughly carve out a plan on what you need to do to achieve those goals. We will talk about how to scale your automation for business marketing and outline the questions you should ask when choosing a marketing automation tool, including related marketing focus areas such as email automation.

What Is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation simply refers to more transparent, efficient, and data-driven ways to view the marketing efforts of a company. It involves utilizing tools, platforms, digital technologies, and marketing software by automating repetitive tasks and processes to employ effective and efficient marketing. This involves automating marketing activities such as running ads and ad campaigns, email marketing, social media posting, among others. According to experts, data analysis is the future of all marketing strategies. Now, you might think that the creative aspect of marketing is what will drive it forward, and you’re not wrong there. However, even though marketing relies heavily on creative endeavors, you need to be able to track your results to know whether or not your marketing efforts are working in the first place. 

Why Marketing Automation Is Important For Your Business

If you want to scale your business, marketing automation is the key. You will need the right tools and the right marketing strategy to make your business successful. Moreover, there are several factors that need to be considered to determine the extent of the benefits of marketing automation. This, of course, depends on the type of industry and the nature of business, which also means that not all businesses will be able to benefit from it. A company needs to reassess its current situation, including its needs and requirements, make a thorough analysis, and build a plan to see if it is ready to automate its marketing and other processes. You don’t want to invest in automation tools and then realize that you don’t need them or that it does not bring additional value to your business. Another challenge is setting up your team to be ready for automation. You will need to train them to ensure that they are well-equipped with the skills required for this transition. It’s all about understanding your company and your current resources and finding the best tools that enhance and improve the current system. Make sure that you establish a proper alignment of your goals, employee capabilities, and the tools and strategies employed. Here are a few things to check to see if your business needs marketing automation: 

  • You should have at least one person in your marketing team - While streamlining your processes will expand your efforts and make processes efficient, learning takes time and effort to operate and manage. This is why you have to at least have one person designated to focus on building a good system.
  • Make sure you have channels that deliver actual results - In order to scale your efforts, you have to have platforms already running for a while that are administering the desired results that indicate potential growth. It would be a wrong move to start automating when you are just starting out on these platforms, as you might just end up wasting your money.
  • You have a strategy in place - As previously mentioned, you need your plans backed up with a strategy. Understand your company’s current state and where you want it to be, and then focus on those efforts that are currently working to figure out how automation can fit in to make improvements. You can always start in parts and then move on to another process change when you get results. Invest more in time and learning before you go all out with your money.
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Benefits of Marketing Automation

If you are interested in growing your business and making it more efficient, marketing automation should be your next focus. Marketing automation is essential because it recognizes the value of time and how it drives business growth by allowing you to focus your energy on the areas of the business that matter most. If you want to improve lead generation and produce paying customers, marketing automation is necessary for your company.  Here are ways in which marketing automation can be beneficial to your business:
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Get Better Insights

Marketing automation tools can help with Performance and Goal Tracking by determining the best performing campaigns and tracking revenue to help you improve your marketing strategy and measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, making your business more responsive to customers and leads. If this is one of your most important marketing goals for 2021, it makes sense to think about how marketing automation software could help.

Lead Generation

It also provides a good reason why you need to optimize your sales funnel through the use of marketing automation. If you want to improve the quality of your product marketing, customer service, or your online presence and save time, market automation makes sense.

Social Media Marketing

You can also automate your social media marketing, giving you more time to do what you do best to idealize your strategy. This is a great opportunity for you to regain the ability to work harder to grow your business, not only in terms of your marketing automation but also in terms of your sales and product marketing.

Monitor customer behavior and shifts

Marketing automation provides companies with important information about their leads, which helps them understand and predict their consumer behavior. To use marketing automation tools effectively, you need to understand the reports that tell you exactly what works for your business. Reporting is what gives you an idea of what works and what doesn’t.

Lead Nurturing

Marketing automation gives you the opportunity to build relationships with potential customers and educate them about the value of your business. The software allows you to maintain the leads you generate and pass them on to the right people. It aims to make it easier for both the business and its customers or target audience to connect, manage relationships, and provide better experience and engagement. Marketing Automation passes marketing content to customers who are interested in the business, which can help to increase the likelihood of sales and convert leads into customers. Hopefully, this post has given you a better understanding of why marketing automation is important to your business. Let’s learn more about the different types of marketing automation and its benefits, its critical role in content marketing strategy, and how you can increase its efficiency and effectiveness.

Choosing a Marketing Automation Software

Before you start executing your marketing automation plan, it is important to realize that a marketing automation software alone will not do all the work for you. If you know you could benefit from automated email marketing for your business but don’t know how to start, you should first look at what marketing automation tools are currently available to small businesses and what they are exactly. Take a step back and evaluate your needs and see if any of these options match your requirements.  Although choosing a marketing automation tool is not an easy task, it is worth the time and effort to invest in for your small business. The marketing automation software you choose is the ribbon that connects all components of your marketing automation plan. So you need to make sure you feed your marketing automation activities into your CRM tool. When you connect your CRM to your marketing automation system, you have the opportunity to see the results of all of your email automation activities, as well as how they help improve your sales, and other areas of marketing such as related product marketing. ‍Marketing automation features are proven highly beneficial and effective in the  following marketing activities:
  • Website personalization
  • Segmentation
  • Retention
  • Measuring ROI
  • Lead nurturing and scoring
  • Lead generation
  • Landing page creation
  • Email marketing
  • Cross-sell and up-sell
  • Cross-channel marketing campaigns
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You definitely have to check if your chosen platform or software tool works well with your CRM, as well as in the other project management tools that you are using; otherwise, you may be destined to fail if you are unable to integrate and keep up with managing your data. Check for prices and learn more about the features of your chosen platform and what they offer. Make sure you get all details about pricing and what it covers, including maintenance costs, to see if it fits your business needs and your budget down the line.

How It Works With Your Marketing Strategy

We are firm believers in efficient, cost-effective marketing strategies that aim to increase revenue, leads, and growth. They also help to measure the successes of your marketing automation. Making it work and ensuring it delivers the desired results can be a bit challenging as it takes a lot of work and energy to learn how to use new software and all of its tools while keeping your marketing strategy in mind. Developing and executing a marketing strategy involves a good understanding of your marketing automation system to ensure the success of your projects and marketing efforts. Never invest too much in new software and tools based primarily on impression and looks.‍ At Universal Creative Solutions, we devote a lot of resources and ample time to utilize the best marketing strategies and automation tools. Our marketing and operations consulting services work with the implementation of effective marketing tracking systems, test various strategies, and develop the existing ones to enhance conversion rates. In addition, we focus on goal-tracking in order to monitor our marketing success and identify gaps. We provide consultation sessions and elaborate in great depth about how automation software can interpret data and benefit your business. 

Marketing consultants bring value by creating a strategic marketing plan that can help you when it comes to starting, growing, or even pivoting your business according to the goals that you’ve set for it. If you’re looking to increase the reach of your company while at the same time increasing your leads and the number of sales you make, then you need to look toward outsourcing your marketing strategies and efforts. Marketing consultants specialize in leading or even expanding your team, ensuring that your organization has whatever it needs (data, tools, and capabilities) to achieve the goals set. Contact us today for more information on our services and how we can help you scale your business through marketing automation.