We Tried the Most Popular AI Writing Tools So You Don't Have To

2023.02.27 11:50 AM By Joshua Taddeo, Principal Consultant

AI writing tools help to lighten your content marketing team’s workload by writing blog posts, writing emails, advertisement, and other types of copy. Additionally, they can facilitate blank-page syndrome, so you can quickly overcome writer’s block and begin working with ideas given by the AI. Most writing tools utilize artificial intelligence to generate answer qualities based on your user input. Every year, more AI writing tools enter the market, and many of them are adding new features. In this guide, we’ll discuss how we’ve tested most of the popular AI writing software on the market and how we ultimately ended up choosing one to fit our content marketing strategy.

What We Looked For When Considering AI Writing Tools

Before investing into an AI writing tool, it’s important to test each tool and determine whether they fit your criteria and can accelerate your content marketing efforts. For many companies, that means saving time by producing quality content (up to par with your current standards) in less time. Below we’ve outline the most important factors that we’ve considered in our research process.

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User Experience

Before you can narrow down you options, it’s crucial to test the AI writers to ensure it has an intuitive user interface. The goal is to make your copywriting process easier, not more difficult. Many have seamless user interfaces where you can simply type in a few keywords and the AI automatically spits out an outline or a coherent blog post.


Obviously, the AI writing tool should fit within your marketing budget. Marketers these days are using an entire marketing and sales stack, meaning they’re tools should all be adding value and directly contributing to the bottom line of the company. How does AI writer tools directly help you generate more revenue? It allows your content team to create quality content at scale faster. If it takes a writer one day to write a single well-optimized blog post, the AI writing tool can perhaps 3x your output.

Avoid tools that have low word count limits, since you’re likely to run out of words quickly. Keep in mind, you’ll have to experiment with different variations. So let’s say your goal is to write three 2,000 word blog posts every week, which equates to 24,000 words per month. A 30,000 word limit per month isn’t enough. Every blog posts may require many iterations, so you get the desired output. In this case, you may need a 50,000 or even 100,000 word plan.


Every AI has a wide range of features. The best AI tools have dozens of templates and writing frameworks to help guide you through the process of different types of copy. Many of them have templates for blog posts, social ads, PPC ads, headlines, subject lines, emails, etc.

AI tools should have a easy to follow step-by-step workflow that guides you how to create a blog post (or any type of copy) in minutes. Additionally, some will have full-SEO assistance where they tell you which keywords to include and which questions people are asking related to your topic. The AI then goes on to generate tools that meet those SEO criteria, and you have the option to customize it based on your needs.


Some may even compile references to statistics that competitors have used. This allows you to fact check stats and see the validity or recency of those stats.

Customization of Inputs

Many AI tools vary in the level of input you’re allowed to give it. Some tools only allow you to type in a few keywords. A short input means you’re severely limited in the quality of output you’re likely to receive.


While keywords are great, you want to add more depth into your input. For example you may want to include:


● The audience you’re writing for
● What type of call to action you’d like
● What sources or resources should they pull from
● Which headlines should they include
● What talking points should be included

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Variations of Output

The best AI tools provide multiple variations in output. This is especially important in ad copy writing, where you need help with brainstorming. Many copywriters struggle with writer’s block and having multiple variations can allow you to combine different ideas into one. The best tools we’ve tested give you about anywhere between three to ten variations. 

Having many variations also lets you use the output to give you a more refined input. For example, let’s say the AI tool has given you an ad campaign for a holiday sale. You can take the ideas given from the AI writer and create a more in-depth input, which results in a higher quality output.

Quality of Output

wiritng quality content

Ultimately, the end result is what matters. When comparing between dozens of AI tools, you’ll want to tool that creates the best end result. We like to look for AI-generated copy that writes coherent sentences that are easy to read, yet have some depth to their sentences.


Here’s an example of a paragraph generated from Scalenut to highlight our point:


Incorrect ventilation is one of the most common issues found during home inspections. An improperly installed ventilation system can result in poor indoor air quality, energy inefficiency, and structural damage. It is vital to have a properly installed ventilation system that provides adequate ventilation for your home.


A common issue with ventilation systems is that they may be installed incorrectly or not fit the size and shape of your home. For example, exhaust fans may be installed too close to the windows or not at the right height. This can create issues with air flow and lead to increased energy costs and poor indoor air quality. Additionally, leaky ductwork or missing louvers can cause issues with ventilation as well as moisture damage to your home's interior. If you notice any issues with your ventilation system, address them as soon as possible to reduce risks and costs associated with poor ventilation.


Notice that this paragraph offers coherent in-depth information, where one sentence leads to the next. The first sentence is the main point of the section, which tells readers how incorrect ventilation is a common issue among home inspections. Then it begins to tell readers why this is the case, by giving examples and reasons to back up their main point.


Many AI writers can create volume of content, but have very little substance to show for it. It’s important that the paragraphs backup their claims and give you concrete reasons. Facts presented in their arguments should have accuracy and should include sources or links allowing you to fact check the data.

The Best Tools We’ve Found

Below we’ll discuss the best AI writing tools we’ve found on the market and share the pros and cons of each.


Jasper.ai has become an extremely powerful content creation platform that aims to be the ideal solution for freelancers, content marketers, and business owners. With an extensive and growing library of writing templates, new features, and clever innovations, you have all the tools at your disposal to craft exceptional content time after time. Whether you’re looking to boost your online presence or write content faster to meet tight deadlines, Jasper is here to fix all of your content headaches, and is a real time-saver.


● It provides users with real-time feedback and suggestions that help to improve the quality and accuracy of their work.
● Jasper's most advanced and loved feature commands. You just have to enter the CTRL-Enter keys after typing what you want from this tool.
● It has a range of different templates like social media posts, Amazon product features, listicles, and many others.
● This premium textual analysis tool can detect inconsistencies, typos, and syntax errors, making it easy to spot mistakes.
● The intelligent machine learning algorithms learn what kind of words and phrases a user prefers to use, which can help writers craft more articulate prose in a shorter amount of time.
● Jasper AI also offers predefined templates which help to get a project started quickly and efficiently while maintaining consistency throughout the document. In short, Jasper AI is a great asset for any writer looking to take their writing to the next level.


● The automation capabilities can often lead to an increase in spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, and flawed syntax due to automated language processing.
● It may also miss out on specific details or concepts if it was not programmed with that specific knowledge. For example, proper nouns may be miscategorized or mistranslated when detected by the AI engine.
● Many users find that its lack of creative control can be limiting; AI-generated content tends to sound robotic, leaving writers without the ability to make more artistic modifications to their work.

Why Use Predictive Analytics?   


Copy.ai is the perfect solution for sales and marketing teams looking to improve their go-to-market strategy and streamline their content creation process. With Copy.ai, teams can quickly generate targeted sales copy that speaks directly to the pain points and needs of specific customer segments, helping them to more effectively engage with potential customers and close more deals.

It focuses primarily on 5 or 6 different types of services:


● Product descriptions – great for e-commerce stores
● Google Ads, Social media ads, and posts – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin ads, etc
● Website copy – blog post ideas, outlines, meta descriptions, etc
● Sales copy – for use on websites, in emails, etc
● Email content – for subject lines, use in autoresponder, funnels, etc


● It offers many advantages, including the ability to save time, reduce stress, lower costs and improve efficiency.
● With Copy.ai, users can access various features such as text extractor, headline generator, and templated responses. Text extractor helps in quickly creating summaries of web content while the headline generator assists in generating appealing headlines in a matter of seconds.
● With templated responses, one can create custom-made messages with just a few clicks.
● It can create 100 different types of content and also serves the AIDA framework.
● Copy.ai also enables an increase in productivity by allowing automatic delivery when content has been fully created and optimized for quicker results without sacrificing accuracy or quality.

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● Although Copy.ai can generate high-quality copy, it can only be used for content creation in English - meaning its reach is much more limited than many other content creation services.
● An added limitation is that Copy.ai relies heavily on artificial intelligence (AI), and without a human touch, it can struggle to create truly contextualized content that resonates with a given audience.
● AI technology isn't always up to date with current trends and changes in language, meaning the risk of inaccuracies or outdated information is high when using Copy.ai for content creation services.

AI Writer

AI Writer is a revolutionary tool that greatly simplifies the writing process. It automatically generates content based on your given parameters and even detects stylistic qualities like tone, syntax, grammar, and structure. This makes it a great choice for those who don't have the time to write or who are looking for text that is both cohesive and accurate. With AI Writer you can focus more on creating quality content without worrying about smaller details getting in the way. If you're looking to streamline your workflow and create better, faster then this is the tool for you!


● AI Writer offers a free unlimited trial allowing you to get a complete idea of the core features without paying
● Shorter content and rephrasing is excellent for summarizing an idea in fewer words
● The platform is easier to use, simply input keywords and it’ll take care of the rest


● Can be prone to mistakes such as factual incorrectness
● It can take several minutes to generate
● Doesn’t create long form content in one search.


Scalenut is a relatively new AI writing software that aims to be a direct alternative to some of the most popular tools on this list. Not only is it trying to be the best AI service, but it also wants to fulfill the purpose of offering a top-class AI SEO assistant in one complete package. What makes this AI writing platform so exciting is the number of neat features you get and the annual pricing. More on the value in a moment!


● Scalenut has a serious loadout of templates that help you to write anything from customer reviews, blog paragraphs, Instagram captions, and more.
● Scalenut includes full-on SEO optimization! It shows you what NLP keywords to include, and you can even automatically let the AI create text snippets based on the key terms.
● It analyzes the top 10 pages on Google and compiles references to statistics that your competitors use.


● Scalenut is an AI content writing and content research tool which may not always provide desired content quality for certain niches.
● You cannot depend wholly on an AI, and human intervention of editing is still required.
● Compared to content curation tools in the market, Scalenut may offer minimal features.

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Rytr is a more affordable version of other AI writing tools if you’re on a tight budget and is ideal for students. It’s perfect for those who just need quick phrases, headings, and captions without the fuss. It has taken inspiration from Jasper, as it has essentially the same templates and works similarly as well, but much simpler.


● Rytr recently integrated their services with Semrush, an SEO keyword research tool, and now even AI generated images all inside the platform.
● Produces excellent quality short-form content.
● Extremely affordable AI copywriting tool.


● There is a 50,000 character limit
● Quality of content could be more in-depth


Writesonic is an innovative AI writing tool designed to make writing projects easier and more efficient. Its comprehensive suite of tools offers a novel way of handling all kinds of writing tasks. It offers capabilities such as auto-fill templates, spellcheck, and auto-circumstances that make the process of creating various types of documents faster and easier. The software also comes with integrated cloud storage that allows users to store their work in the cloud for easy access from anywhere in the world. Writesonic is perfect for creating websites, businesses, students, and authors who need a reliable way to quickly create documents without sacrificing quality.


● It provides a cost-effective and convenient solution for purchasing the best writing materials and editing services.
● Find writer’s block remedies with their online courses, which can give you a great boost for both creative and professional productivity.
● This platform also has content analysis tools that let you know how well your work does against other competitors.
● Their AI-based analysis shows deep insights into the performance of your scripts and blogs so you can readily identify the areas that require improvement.
● There is access to exclusive works from renowned authors through their membership program.
● With Writesonic, even beginners will have no trouble finding help with crafting excellent literary works.


● One potential drawback is the fact that the user must purchase a subscription in order to access all its features; while this subscription can be helpful in unlocking more advanced capabilities, it also provides a roadblock to using the app freely.
● Due to the automated nature of many of its functions and algorithms, it can sometimes struggle to pick up on stylistic and grammar subtleties without fail.

Article Forge

Article Forge is a powerful artificial intelligence content generator that produces content in response to the keywords provided by the user. Artificial Intelligence technology is used to analyze millions of web pages on a particular topic and rewrite them using its own language. Article Forge utilizes AI to generate unique and educational content. 

Bloggers, content creators, and business owners will find it a useful tool. This software is highly customizable and can be adapted to fit the needs of any business. In short, Article Forge tool allows us to generate full and original articles effortlessly with just one click, significantly saving both time and money in creating conten


● The tool allows marketers to quickly detect and analyze the most effective strategies employed by competitors, enabling them to more effectively target content towards their unique audiences.
● It helps marketers save time by delivering detailed analytics across all campaigns in one easy-to-use interface.
● With insights into what's working for other publishers and brands within your niche, you can stay ahead of the competition and optimize your articles for better performance.
● This robust tool has made it easier than ever before to keep up with changing algorithm updates and trends while providing valuable data that can improve outcomes.


● The cost of using this tool is relatively expensive when compared to other more affordable options on the market.
● Since Article Forge is a third-party tool, its data may not always match up with your content management system -- which would be extremely time-consuming for both large and small companies to reconcile and update.
● Due to its focus on tracking and harvesting content from large databases across the web, Article Forage does not provide personalized or exclusive content sources that many businesses prefer for marketing purposes.

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What Makes ChatGPT Different That Other Writing Tools

Unlike other tools on the market, ChatGPT-3 is a tool that doesn’t have many limitations. It’s a conversation platform where you can maintain open dialogues with the software. As a content writer, this means, as you add more inputs, it’ll get better and learn what you’re looking for.


Additionally, it’s similar to an Alexa or Siri, but on a much grander scale. You can practically tell ChatGPT to do anything. You can have it re-format or edit a blog post to sound more professional. It can even write a blog post with a set word limit. You can even have ChatGPT use ideas from specific sources of information you’ve given it.

using chatgpt

This makes the platform much more diverse, since it doesn’t lack any limitations. Essentially, you can tell ChatGPT to write, just about anything. And you’re free to give it just about any input as required.

Wrapping It Up

As humans, there's only so much we can imagine, create and do before slowing down and being limited by ourselves. Thankfully we have AI assistance to help us better what we do. An AI writing assistant is handy for your business or casual email writing. By using above mentioned AI writing software, you'll get that boost in productivity you always wanted while staying original with the content you produce. The best AI content writing tool for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. It may be helpful to try out a few different tools like we do and measure those software against a defined criteria.


If you’re interested in taking your content marketing and strategy to the next level with better operational strategies and AI technology, contact Universal Creative Solutions. We are experts in leveraging the power of AI tools and other SaaS tools, so you can boost team productivity and output that leads to growth in your bottom line.